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Plants come with all sorts of needs and wants.  It is important to know what the individual plant needs so that it can be put in the proper spot.  There are many aspects to consider when designing.  Texture, rythm, spacing, color are to name a few.  To achieve a successfull design you need to address all of these to make sure that each plant compliments the others around it and helps the landscape look natural and like it was meant to be there.​​
There are three levels of design that we can provide for you.

Level 1-  Three Concept plans. 
  • These are just bubble diagrams that provide you a general idea of where to place different features of your landscape. 
  • $150

Level 2-  Form Composition
  • After a chosen Concept plan, or a mixture of the three. 
  • Will have set areas of the different features of your landscape. 
  • Will have plant placements but no specific plant will be named. 
  • $300

Level 3-  Master Plan
  • Taking the Form Composition we will name all of the plants, trees and shrubs. 
  • Will provide a sprinkler system design.
  • Will also provide quantities of plants, square footage of areas and types of materials to use. 
  • $600-$1000 depending on size of project.